With an in-house team of dedicated design engineers, Monroe is able to fully realize a product and tool design from conception through to volume manufacture.

Operating solid modeling with Siemens NX and light simulations with LightTools, Monroe is capable of both product design and luminance/lit color development.

In-house prototype manufacturing capabilities enables our customer prototype phases to be supported locally and with the minimum of delay, both of which prove invaluable during the development phase of a project.

  • Full in-house design and development capabilities
  • Solid Modeling – Unigraphics NX
  • Lighting Simulations – LightTools
  • Ray tracing
  • Prototypes – CNC Cut and Molded
  • Luminance and lit color measurement equipment

Product Design & Solid Modeling

Our full-service design capabilities help to ensure an efficient transition from initial concept through production.

Lighting Development

Because of our vast experience with gauge pointers, we are experts in working with miniature light sources to provide bright, precise, tip-to-tail illumination through plastic parts.


Our engineers have in-depth knowledge of lighting applications, product & tooling design, and engineering resin applications. They also provide full support for our manufacturing departments. This includes the design and manufacture of automated and non-automated decoration and assembly equipment.

Mold & Tool Building

We have over 10 professionals engaged in mold, tool, support and development. This includes Journeymen Toolmakers and specialists in close tolerance plastic injection mold and auxiliary tooling. Supported by the latest technology in computers, Mastercam, and Unigraphics software, they receive regular training on current and new technologies in tool manufacturing.

Prototype Manufacturing Design

Design concept validation can be completed with a variety of methods, depending on the specific requirements.  Whether 3D printed, CNC machined, or injection molded, we can provide the optimal solution.

Project Management

We utilize project management tools developed for the automotive industry.  Each program will have a project manager assigned to lead the project from sourcing to production launch.


We are experts in working with miniature light sources to provide light piping and illumination solutions with plastic parts.  We optimize the 3D design using LightTools optical simulation software. The finished product can then be evaluated in our darkroom using luminance measuring capabilities to further develop the optical performance.

Color Development

We have the capability to measure daytime and nighttime illuminated colors. Using these tools, we can develop the combination of molded resin and decoration to meet our customers’ requirements.